I enjoy having birds around my property. So that means I also have lots of birdhouses. I wanted to create birdhouses that were unique and different from most birdhouses and I believe my letter houses are just that. I put lots of time and energy to make each house just right. It is always a rewarding feeling to complete a birdhouse because each one is different. I love experimenting with my colors and designs. So if there is something you would like that is not a part of my inventory, just email me. I am up for a challenge anytime.

This is my workshop. My hubby help make a frame birdhouse on the wall in back of my work desk.
And I have a nice view of our backyard trees.
It looks really clean in these photos. However, when I work it is not.
For my birthday, my hubby had a cool screen installed in front of the garage door. Very cool.
Here I am surrounded by my babies.
Thanks for visiting my shop.



Thank you for visiting my shop.

Sissy Benedetto